Sorbetto Top

So, I’ve picked my first made-all-by-myself make. The sorbetto top by Colette Patterns. I’n my browsings I found this lovely swallows fabric design by Makower and knew I had to make something from this as soon as humanely possible. Originally gunning for the purple, but this was already out of stock (who are these people who keep stealing my first choice fabric?).

Sorbetto Plan

There are loads of galleries of this top (it’s a free download) so I had an idea what the end product would look like. I decided on a contrast binding to complement the contrasting burgundy birds in the pattern.

Making that first snip into the fabric was pretty scary with no-one looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do, but the excitement of using my BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE was buoying me along. Have I mentioned my NEW sewing machine? Yes? Oh. Well it’s new and all mine all mine all mine (thanks mum!).

I’m still not sure how I feel about “print-your-own” patterns, particularly as I don’t own a printer! After an evening of carefully cutting out each sheet of A4 and painstakingly sellotaping them together to form the pattern, it was annoying to discover multiple pages which went completely unused – all that cutting and pasting  for nothing! But you can’t deny the speed and convenience – I guess the perfect solution is to make patterns available for purchase both downloadable and in their original format.

I was surprised by how easy I found it to make this top, I had to do a bit of planning ahead as I only had a limited amount of thread which would match the light fabric before the dark red came into action (as you can see from my zig-zagging…)! I don’t think I have a particularly “long” body, but I opted to add an inch or two to the bottom to lengthen this top, and it still came out shorter than I would have liked. On the whole, the top feels a bit “square” on my body (this is becoming a recurring theme) -beware the cotton fabric! On the plus side, I can bias bind now!! It’s amazing.

Best thing about this top: it got me my first “I like your top” “thanks, I made it” conversation! Oh and here it all begins….

I made this top using the Sorbetto top pattern, available online from Colette Patterns ( with fabric by Makower and bought from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton (


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