Tall Ships Festival

Last weekend Greenwich was taken over with the Tall Ships Festival – I’m lucky enough to live by the river (although facing away from it!) so was able to dip in and out of festivities. As much as I hate it when the hoi-polloi descend on my favourite places over the weekend (especially when red faced and sweaty after an attempted morning run), there are benefits. Tall Ships Fireworks

Spectacular fireworks lit up the sky across the weekend – even a seal popped his head out the water by Deptford creek to watch these. Despite having lived here for over 2yrs, I had never seen the grandeur of the Painted Hall until I followed the crowds in here, and wandered freely about the beautiful grounds of the Royal Naval College – I normally walk past this to the soundtrack of students practising and warming up on assorted trombones, pianos and violins.

Another great weekend in glorious Greenwich, although I still know very little about Tall Ships, I know a little more about the patch of London I call home.



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