Peak Hipster – Maltby St

IMG_2059London. Ah London. It’s one of those places where if you discover something new, it’s not cool until everyone else has discovered it,by which point it’s not cool anymore. Alas, it was in the search of something new that I headed to Maltby Street Market, lured there by the promise of an afternoon gin!

The Market is held on Saturday’s (9am-3pm) along the railway arches in Bermondsey. Ropewalk Street is warren of boutique food stalls and coffee carts. We opted for a mish-mash of items from a couple of stalls: a delicious (if enormous) chorizo scotch egg, fresh fried squid and salmon and potato rosti (freshly sourced from Billingsgate that morning). During the week, this is a place to support Bermondsey’s legacy of business and wholesale, with the arches used by bakeries, workshops and storage units – this provides the “edge” to lure the hipsters. For me, I couldn’t resist Little Bird Gin‘s pop up bar, for a gorgeous Grapefruit cocktail.

There is also a “vintage bric-a-brac” store, an absolute goldmine of treasures, although unfortunately priced as such. It would require many more gins before I considered stumping out to cover for an eye-watering mark-up on a “vintage” product which was probably bought for 20p from a car boot sale, or indeed the daily antiques market just up the road on Bermondsey Street (note to self: check that out on a day off).



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