Introducing… SHABAJO Base Camp

I proudly invite you to an exclusive tour of SHABAJO Studios:

Studio HQ

Underwhelmed? How very dare you! This represents a major take-over bid to reclaim the Man Unit (good old IKEA) from the tyranny of the ever expanding amount of stuff that won’t fit in the allotted Man Drawer. I think it’s obligatory that every house has a Man Drawer, a.k.a the place where batteries, pens, screwdrivers and instruction manuals go to die. No doubt somewhere out there is a blog (probably many) bemoaning the loss of vital Man Drawer space to endless “Girlfriend Clutter”.

I’m actually pretty excited about the things here – everyone’s got to start somewhere, and I’m slowly gathering the tools of the trade: my brand spanking new sewing machine (Birthday present – Janome CLX301 for anyone paying attention), a growing collection of crafty accoutréments, camera (Canon EOS 1100D) – complete with tripod, gorillapod and prints, enough balls of wool to keep a kitten pleasantly satisfied, and I think my favourite invention ever: the magnetic pin holder. I’d be quite content if my days could be spent dropping all my pins on the floor and then picking them up again, and I particularly enjoy the satisfaction of casually discarding a pin in the direction of the holder, and lo and behold – there it goes! Magic.

So here is SHABAJO base camp. My workspace is the floor, or if I’m lucky, I’ll be hunched over my laptop on the bizarrely small dining table. A little corner of the world, dedicated to looking after my stuff.


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